Things to Consider When Buying Wire Shelving

Are you buying lowes wire shelving? Here are some things that you need to look out for when buying wire shelving.

First obvious consideration is about the dimensions. To maximize the efficiency of your storage, you should measure the space you have and find an appropriate rack to go in the proposed location. When you are shopping around, you should pay the good bit of attention to the shelves’ depth and their height. Shelves which have 18” depth can be more useful than the ones which only have 12” depth. You would also like to maximize the vertical space available to you just by getting the taller shelves.

Most of the wire shelving units can be adjusted in increments of one inch; therefore, it’s likely for you to have the ability to configure them in a way that works best for you. But it is still important that you note down the number of shelves that you need and see if the unit under consideration offers that many shelves or not. There are many systems which allow the buyers to get shelves and supports separately as well, and such flexibility comes with a price tag.

The weight that each shelf can sustain is also important. Even if it is not intended to store heavy duty gear, it’s better that you know what weight is sustainable. This will be helpful if your storage requirements change over time. It also shows the sturdiness of your shelves.

Back stands are also important to be considered. They are the railings which can be removed and are included on shelves to make sure that anything does not fall off that easily. They best serve the shelving systems which have to be moved around after some time, for instance.

There are metal shelving systems which have optional casters included in the package that is useful for rolling the shelves over to various locations. Yes, these are the shelves’ feet. There can be specific weight limits for casters as well, and you should know about them when you are buying a shelving unit.

The material or color matters for the aesthetics. Chrome finishes are often preferred over the rubber-coated white or black shelves. However, it depends on what kind of décor and requirements you may have. Chrome can be wiped off fairly easily whereas white shelves can become discolored as well.

Yes, all these considerations made, but where exactly should you be buying? Almost, all the major retailers sell wire shelves, and there are so many choices available in the market when it comes to brand, price and configuration of the shelves that you want to buy. So, it is advisable that you should shop around and spend some time in determining what is needed. You’re sure to end up with some good shelves to meet all your storage requirements.